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    ASP and databases

    hey guys,
    Tonight I was sufring a site and it gave me a message that read "error accessing the database" and a whole bunch of other stuff. It also gave me the server banner which bothered me. I'm not gonna mention the URL here because I have notified the Webmaster regarding the banner issue. I'm thinking this problem can be fixed by reconfiguring things on the site (a default config hole)? The site is ASP based. Any Ideas?

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    If you have accessed the site before, then it is quite possible you accessed the site during a maintenance window when there is typically low traffic.
    If it was popular site then they probably had both a web server and a database server on seperate boxes to better distribute the work load. It could have been that some maintenance was being done or had been done to the database machine, so even though the web server was still active, it lost it's connection to the database.
    This theory could be totally wrong, but I have seen this happen more than once.
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    I don't know if ASP has this but in PHP you can set a directive (error_reporting) to turn off all errors or just show selective ones... Also the die() command (Or something like it) may help...

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    It would all depend on the web application and the error recieved. IIS has ways of turning off detailed error messages, but if the web application handles errors on it's own, then you have to turn them off in the web app itself.
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