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Thread: *Moved* need help for Visual Basic..

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    need help for Visual Basic..

    ok I have a friend who's got a school project to submit on friday. She has to write a code for self checking numbers in VB. Self checking numbers is like when u enter lets a credit card number and the program checks those same numbers to see if its really them. So I have looked it up in a VB book that I have and I found something along those lines but I'm asking for extra help because it might not be enough or I might be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.thnx

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    Wink VB Master

    I have tons of VB at my disposal.

    Send me the code you already have and I will help you get the program ready.

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    It would help alot if you wouldn't put this in tutorials. If your going to do a tutorial then you need to 'GIVE' info which BTW I'd probably need more info on what the teacher will be expecting and all, anyways. What I would do is make a database then check the numbers through

    Private sub creditcheck_click
    on error resume next
    If text1.text = "where you plan to store your data" then MsgBox "The credit is good!",vbinformation , "Credit"
    if else MsgBox "Oh no I smell credit fraud!",vbcritical , "Incorrect credit number"
    end if
    end sub

    Only hard part I can think of is actually retrieving what you need but that ain't that hard sometimes but there's not alot of room here to post it.

    My programs probably aren't the most secure stuff out there but you can go into the text1 properties and replace the credit numbers with characters like ? or * for security reasons.

    Im to sleepy to code anything really good tonight but I hope this can help or atleast give you some ideas on your project. I would be able to help you more if this wasn't in tutorials and if you gave me some examples of what you plan to do/code exactly. But since you gave very little info im giving you my sloppy mess in return.

    P.S. Don't use the any wizards to make your database because they usually suck and by the time you add any real code to it you'll have to replace half of the junk in it.

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    the specialist is right? this would be a bit better in another section...
    http://www.planetsourcecode.com - solves a lot of my issues

    are you talkking about checking a number agains't an algorithm or just checking it agains't a list of numbers? If you are checking them against a list of numbers, i'd suggest loading your answer base into an Array...
    For i = 0 to ArrayLength
         If val(InputFromUser) = trim(Array(i)) then
              Msgbox "Number Found"
              'ToDo: Add needed Code
         End If
    Next i
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    ok guys like I said the project is not mind. A friend of mine ask me for help so I thought I would post it up here to get some help. So here is her proposal for the project, its an end of the year assignement. U guys are goint to have to do a little bit of reading though.

    The main page or cover page of the system will be simple but attractive containing all of the functions available on the initial page. However, only some will be available depending on the choices that are made. This will allow for more accurate information and for the files to be complete. Each product will have a brief description included in the product inventory file. You can choose to just view the descriptions on the page, view only the prices, or you are able to look at the prices and quantities that are in stock, on order or being shipped in the product inventory table.
    When you are choosing your products, you will have option buttons, when the option is chosen it will give you a running total so that you are aware of the prices. When you have made all of your selections you will go to the buy it choice. This will then give you a page to fill out your information and will give you a copy of the invoice to print out for your convenience and records.
    You will also be able to delete an item if you no longer wish to purchase it. A delete button will be at the bottom of the page, which you may select after clicking the option already selected of the item you wish to dispose of.

    SQL statements will be present in order to keep the information in order that is needed. Also it is an easy way to access the information and to keep it updated and current, incase there is a need to have an output of a specific customer numbers file, or a specific order number incase any problems arise.

    The validation part of the program will cause the program to be activated, checking to make sure that all of the information that is needed was entered. If there is a blank in the form there will be a message box that pops up telling you what you need to complete. Then you can click ok and enter the information again and submit your data.

    Once the information is entered and all the fields have been validated and authorized by the system, you will be able to see a report summary of all of the information that you entered. This will only be available after your information was validated or there was a correct customer number entered. Either way, your address will be saved and a bill sent to you.

    The blanks are not the only thing that you need in order to complete the process. You need to make sure that the credit card is a valid number and that you donít send the product to the person without a valid credit card number, which will end up in you not getting any money. This would cause bankruptcy. However, this is something that is done by Master Card. My system will use the self-checking number system in order to provide you with valid customer numbers and the information that is correct for that specific number.

    A customer records page will be available for problems that may occur later and a reference is required. It will also keep track of the customers problems just incase someone is trying to create a scam somehow. This will be a page that will be available only to those to whom are authorized and have a password.

    The calculating program will provide you with the total of the purchase, and will determine the price of shipping and handling depending on the location you are having it sent to, or if you are picking it up yourself.
    The amount of tax will also be determined once the purchases are selected, because depending on the amount spent, will ascertain the total tax. Since the products are found in Ontario the taxes will be as follows, 7% GST and 8% PST.

    In this type of program there wonít be a huge number of fields that will be default, province will be one of the default fields. Even though the default fields will be used where they are possible; in a software and hardware sales system it will not be very often.

    In reality you want it to check the inventory of the products to make sure it is there before it is sold it to someone but in this situation because there isnít an actual company inventory it is unavailable.

    The strong do as they will and the weak suffer what they must.It is a choice. You don\'t choose to do the right thing all the time. You do the right thing all the time. Wining is a habit, unfortunately so is losing.

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    Well i can help u in if u send code

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    yea I know. Thats what I told her too but that's the only thing she has right now...
    The strong do as they will and the weak suffer what they must.It is a choice. You don\'t choose to do the right thing all the time. You do the right thing all the time. Wining is a habit, unfortunately so is losing.

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