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Thread: free thinking in politics

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    free thinking in politics

    i always wonder how much the goverment hides from us and if we are even a democratic country anymore. i seem to just seeall the elected officials move along with the their political party as to not lose favor with them and thus lose funding and support in their nxt campaign to run for election and i personally know many ppl who say im just republican or a democrat and just vote that ways regardless of what is being voted on. I think more ppl need to become more concious and take more of a stand in the system except it takes so much time to become involved so only the ppl with leuisure time and money can afford to take an active stance in the political system... just a ramble of thoughts just thought what you ugys thought on the subject...tried to spell check but o well didnt work so excuse my spelling as well

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    Before answering your main question, I want to point out that if you look closely at your definitions, the US has never been a true democracy. However, it certainly has been closer to a democracy in the past than it is today. Citizens in the US today don't vote on issues anymore, they mainly vote based on how it will affect their pocketbook. Most of the politicians don't really care about the issues either. They'll only take a stand on issues if their opponent absolutely forces them too. Elections today are really won by being charismatic. Candidates simply have to keep themselves in the public eye, encourage voters in their party to vote, and avoid alientating as many voters as possible. The decision isn't usually made by swaying the other side, but rather by making sure more of your party shows up to the polls.

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