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Thread: enabling right click in a web page?

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    Red face enabling right click in a web page?

    Right click of mouse in a web page is not enabled in my computer. i am using ie v6.0, but it is alright in desktop and other windows. I only know that it is something related with the security setting of iexplorer. i am a beginer. so pls help me

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    Sounds like the creator of the webpage has disabled your right-click through the use of javascript. Most likely someone would do this to disable the user from copying any content contained on their site. You can disable this script by disabling javascript in your internet settings in IE.

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    GreekGoddess is right.Some web programmers can stop you from using the right click in order to protect their data.

    Try other web sites and see if it work or not.


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    Sorry but stoping right click on a web site does NOT protect any of the data, it just takes a little longer to get it.

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    Sitting Duck is right...
    All you need to do is use the "Edit" and or "View" (in IE) and that should get you all of the options in Right Click...

    btw- i'm not sure if there is an option to turn off right click (At least not in IE)... i think?
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    btw- i'm not sure if there is an option to turn off right click (At least not in IE)... i think?
    There isn't. The only way to do it (AFAIK) is through javascript. Just disable it in the browser and you're good as gold.
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