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    Question student pro

    i am a student and u my system to learn some softwares and for preparing some technical papers . But the firewall say's that my system was wanted , and as my firewall got collapse my system files are missing and many problems with the system. i don't know what's happening please help me out and help me in proctecting my system.

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    First search the posts on this site. There are tons of posts and tutorials telling U how 2 secure ur system
    if this is what your're asking.
    check out these also Here's one
    Here's another 1
    these and AO should get to learning what U want 2 know.

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    if your using your computer to write important papers i trust your making regular back-ups of your work.

    if not make copies on floppys/cd now

    you say your system has been compromised and system files are missing and/or corrupted. the best thing for you to do is reformat and re-install the OS.

    before do anything else install the latest anti-virus software then connect to the internet and get the latest signiture updates.

    download and install all patches/fixs for your OS

    Assumming your using a software firewall get the latest version

    Scan the back-up copies of your work for virus/trojan infections before you put them back on your computer.

    sounds like you may have been infected with a virus but with the information youve given it could be anything. trying to correct the problems you now have will take longer and they'll be no assurance your system is secure.

    Start over and learn from this experiance then make it a priority to learn safe computer practices the most important of which is to have good up to date protective software.
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