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Thread: Perl: The Heaven Of The Hackers

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    Lightbulb Perl: The Heaven Of The Hackers

    The Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) it is a formidable programming language been born in 1987 by the mind of Larry Wall. The purpose of this language was that to help a complex multiplatform system , of which Larry was note the manager. L' objective it consisted of creating a language that allowed the parsing of the files of configuration in the way simplest possible. To distance of time, the Perl is evolved and currently it is one of the programming languages more used in the writing of procedures CGI (Commmon getaway Interface. it is the interface among the Web pages and the procedures that elaborate the data passed by such pages and they furnish in output you date in formed html) to implement on web server and for the development of programs for the maintenance of the activities of a server. the syntax of the Perl is very clean and is noticed since immediately the similarity with 2 programming languages known to any users Unix, the C and the scripts of shell. besides, Perl is an interpreted language and this involves some advantages as the total portability and availability of the source code.

    1. The Environment of development

    to retrieve and to install the whole necessary software to be able to start to create the first scripts in Perl is not quite difficult. you can unload the interpreter for your base from: http//www.cpan.org
    in this website it is also possible to retrieve abundant documentation and numerous examples of script. the Linux users with a lot of probability won't have to worry themselves to effect the download of the interpreter, in how much this is already pre-installed in the most greater distributions. however to be certain to have already installed the interpreter you must digit from the shell the following command:

    $ whereis perl

    if from this you will get a run of the type /usr/bin/perl, it will mean that this is the path in which your interpreter Perl is found. Instead we pass now to the installation in Windows.
    a distribution for this operating system is ActivePerl and on the site http//www.activestate.com is possible to directly download the file of installation and the plentiful documentation that it is furnished with the packet. it will be without doubt of great help for the beginners.

    2. the pearls of Perl

    specific site on Perl of the circuit of O'Reily

    a sea of documentation on Perl

    Community of consumers Perl, with Makeups, suggestions and some code.

    the Perl is one of that programming languages that it allows to administer with simplicity a computer system.

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    nice info! good for newbies i like perl and python
    python cause it's not as popluar as perl.
    either way good is a great language!!

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    thank you...
    i have a lot of link but they are in italian so i don't know if they could be helpfull

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