ok boys and gals
this is something I pick up from my old quizes last night.
that it would make a interesting quiz here on knowing about ram.

supply the number of bits and bytes each package of Ram supplies
Ram packages # of bits supplied # of bytes supplied
30-pin SIMMS
72-pin SIMMS
168-pin DIMMS
184- pin RIMMS
my answer were:
# of bits supplied #of bytes supplied
30-pin SIMM 8 1
72-pin SIMMS 32 4
168-pin DIMMS 64 8
184-pin RIMMS 64 8
which r correct sorry I got to used the book to complete this quiz.

1)What was the first type of RAM to come out as a stick of RAM?
a)DIPPS b) 30-pin DIMMS c)30-pin SIPPS d)30-pin SIMMS

2)What was the first type of RAM package use on the first IBM-PC(before sticks of Ram)
a)30-pin SIMMS b)DIPPS c)30-pin DIMMS d)30-pin SIPPS

I hope U enjoy this and that it was as fun for U as it was for me.
check answers below.

ANSWER: 1) c 2) b