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Thread: to the new owner/s....

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    to the new owner/s....

    we in irc have been told that you hate irc...
    my question to you is why? its a great tool real time help etc etc
    checking some of your old posts you posted a link to a news article about the ddos attacks that took place on the dalnet network is this a contributing factor etc?

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    fellas you could so just hub out your irc networks to prevent ddos...

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    irc = text
    text = no graphics
    no grapics = no advertising
    no advertising = no revenue stream
    no revenue = not an option for an SEC company...

    what they fail to realize is that there is still a better ROI then they realize... maybe not direct, but IRC can be (ok, sometimes we are a little mean) but it can be a great resource for the members...

    more/better resources = happy members...
    happy members = happy advertisers
    happy advertisers = better money
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    It's also pretty cheap to do. Very little overhead. etc. etc. etc.

    I'm not even a fan of IRC, hardly ever use it and I can see the worth of it.

    You guys, it's not worth wasting a thread on, they aren't listening. We'll all have to use another source.
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    We are listening but soleman had the equation pretty accurate in the first part. I wish the second part was true.

    I'm sure you guys have all followed the dot com bubble and burst cycle. It is not that easy to be an online publisher these days. You have to be very careful about how you spend your pennies, especially in this economy.

    IRC may not be enormously expensive but it is a cost. All of these costs add up and pretty soon, you have happy members, no advertisers and big losses.

    I wouldn't say that the dalnet attacks was the reason we decided not to support chat but it is an example of the type of real world problems you face when you're a publisher who is trying to deliver a 24x7 service and why you need to have such a large IT department.

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    Heh, not that I enjoy the idea, (don't know if it's been done before either) but how about a advertisment bot?!
    (Even better (or worst depending on your pov), it could trigger specific ads based on keywords it sees! )

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    Actually, one way to go about it would be to modify or create a new java chat applet. You could easily implement your own that would have ad banners going down the side, or a header with ad links that scroll by. The 'regulars' wouldn't be bothered since most use normal irc clients anyways....and anyone coming in for advice, help, or just to check it out could get the ad content.

    Just an idea.....

    Adding to my other idea....in the past we have tried to do things such as online 'classes' for members on our own. With a bit more support (maybe running an ad banner or some other form of advertising or anything else we could come up with) some members could possibly be talked into doing it again. This could add more value to both having a chat as well as the site in general. If combined with the java chat ad idea....this could push more users, more ads, etc.
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    Yeah I have nothing against IRC. I mean I don't hang out on the channel much, but I have irc.antionline.com is the only IRC channel I have loaded incase there is something I would want to jump in and ask about. Real time is always cool, and sometimes not everyone is on something like AIM (because they can't or because of choice).
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    You could imagine all kinds of great software to display ads on chat -- but that doesn't mean an advertiser wants to pay for it. It is hard enough to keep a website running at a profit these days, which is why a lot of great sites have shut down in the last couple of years.

    We will continue to point to the chat servers where users want to meet, so antionline.com can still be a place for chat sessions to start.

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    Hey jupman wat up with the gold spot you got. I think you should earn it and not just get it just because you own this web site doesn't mean you can have it. JP had it because he got here for long time and the work he did for this AO community is priceless and unique.

    I would say get a regular green dot.

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