"iper safety" departing from his/her own thin computer to reach the connection to internet. for safety I intend that of the data and of his own privacy. for many some of the suggestions they can seem excessive, and in effects they are. but who has suffered attacks or huge damages because of a virus can become very sensitive to the I deduce.......

1. first of all given you a good antivirus as norton or McAfee. an antivirus is not worth another. personally suggestion that of the Norton that has a system of scanning and very efficient protection even if it has the defect that for disinstall it from the memory when it is resident it needs to pass to the ctrl+alt+canc. however the choice is subjective. it is always profit to hold the active antivirus during the connsessions and when the mail is received. needless to say that a good antivirus is Completely Useless if not you maintain it adjourned a current day. it would be able a weekly updating not to be enough.

2. despite the antivirus or the insurances of the sender, never open file .EXE of which are not sure to 110%! you cannot know that type of program goings to perform, are not only there the virii or the trojans that can damage your computer. in enclosure to the emails, you can for instance find potentially other dangerous extensions, DOC and. XLS (for the malevolent macros), SRC (screensaver), PIF,BAT,COM, etc.

3. you eliminate all the histories (chronological), the cookies, the temporary files of internet, the logs etc with special programs of Eraser, instead of doing cleaning directly cancelling everything. there are malevolent programs that can read the files .LOG and to acquire reserved information on your PC.

4. use some decent passwords, possibly with a minimum of 6 characters and numbers. not use your fiscal code, the girlfriend's name (if then you change her what happens?), that of your mother or your name with the year of birth. do you remember you what has happened in the film Wargame ? use names of imagination and write them on paper, even with a system of disguise or on a file encripted of which to make a back up to every change.

5. you check all the settings hardware and software modifying them according to your demands and not leaving that the system does all in automatic and above all you maintain adjourned all the drivers for the peripheral hardwares and software

6. personalize your PC even if the others don't do it. not you leave for instance all in a mega partition of the disk. you divide the hard disk in different partitions with specific uses: C = operating system, D = applications, E = backup, F = games
with a program as Drive Image of PowerQuest you can make a suit backup of the partition of the system and to restore it in any moment, can do only naturally if you have at least 2 partitions.

7. use programs of Firewall as Tiny Personal Firewall or as ZoneAlarm. to leave not protected the connection between your PC and Internet could be a great indiscretion. it is true that the Firewalls softwares always have a weak point (motive for which it always needs to hold well it foresees the point 5) but it is always better than nothing.

8. use if possible systems of cripting so that to preserve your privacy. there are good programs for the management of the emails as Husmail or ziplip. for the data that you preserve on the disk use the system PGP.

9. you leave never not in execution you program that don't serve for an immediate use. don't do so that your PC doesn't even lose a second to make useless things. you contemporarily use above all not 2 antiviruses, you could damage the integrity of the system over whether to provoke frequent blocks.

10. don't take anything for discounted. if you don't know about thing him it treats you leave it alone and you don't proceed. if not results to understand of thing him it treats, you try to ask someone that he knows more than you on that matter. remember that there is not anything more dangerous than to do something without knowing its consequences....

11. don't turn on the PC, close you in the house, don't answer to the telephone and don't open to anybody.......