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Thread: Press already knows AO has been sold...

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    Press already knows AO has been sold...


    Press already know about AntiOnline changing its owners:

    Well, according to JP of AntiOnline, the deal is done and he is no longer involved with AntiOnline.com. The announcement made yesterday by JP states that AntiOnline has been acquired by Jupiter Media. Jupiter Media are the folks that own Internet.com network which consists of over 150 targeted Web sites and 200 e-mail newsletters serving vertical markets in the technology sector and serve over 20 million unique users each month. I suspect that you can read between the lines to guess what that means for the AntiOnline users...
    Full article here



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    Hey Dark Raider,

    Most of the AO-ers will be doing a lot of unsubscribing the next time , I think,... lol

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