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Thread: the best message

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    the best message

    heh, i finally got the best message from kernel

    Feb 14 17:12:44 hell kernel: lp0 on fire
    this is one of the best that kernel hackers inserted in /usr/src/linux/drivers/char/lp.c

    there are many funny messages, but the following one is considered one of the best too


    printk(KERN_EMERG "CPU#%d: Possible thermal failure (CPU on fire ?).\n"
    anyways, as you can see most of the kernel sources got plenty of geeky humor

    another one that comes into my mind is

    - mm/vmscan.c: (this only works in -rmap, author: rik van riel)

    * Hmm.. Cache shrink failed - time to kill something?
    * Mhwahahhaha! This is the part I really like. Giggle.
    if (!ret && free_low(ANY_ZONE) && (gfp_mask&__GFP_WAIT))
    - mm/rmap.c::new_pte_chain_alloc() (or something like this) that existed in -rmap (at least 3 or months ago it was there) that politically correct wli in the last -rmap (theres a fix by andrew morton for the exact same problem) but still redhat users get the following panic message:
    panic("fix pte chain allocation you lazy bastard!\n);
    hey try this: grep -ri **** /usr/src/linux
    this is REAL interesting, look what i got

    arch/parisc/kernel/signal.c: /* ARGH! ****ing brain damage. You
    don't want to know. */

    arch/sparc64/kernel/binfmt_aout32.c: /* **** me plenty... */

    arch/sparc/kernel/process.c: /* **** me plenty */

    fs/binfmt_aout.c: /* **** me plenty... */

    arch/sparc/kernel/sunos_ioctl.c: /* Binary compatibility is good
    American knowhow ****in' up. */

    drivers/scsi/esp.c: We don't want to **** directly with the fifo like that

    net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_nat_helper.c:/* Grrr... SACK. **** me even
    the following were taken from my freebsd b0x today in order to make this thread more interesting

    gothmog# cd /usr/src/sys
    gothmog# grep -ri **** .
    ./boot/alpha/libalpha/elf_freebsd.c: return(EFTYPE); /* XXX actually E****UP */
    ./boot/arc/lib/elf_freebsd.c: return(EFTYPE); /* XXX actually E****UP */
    ./boot/efi/libefi/elf_freebsd.c: return(EFTYPE); /* XXX actually E****UP */
    ./boot/i386/libi386/elf_freebsd.c: return(EFTYPE); /* XXX actually E****UP */
    ./boot/ia64/libski/elf_freebsd.c: return(EFTYPE); /* XXX actually E****UP */
    there are more like these, and you can find them here but these are originally taken from my b0xes

    well, you can submit your own funny messages! (=
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    Here's one from the classroom when I had students play with GPG encryption. This is the ACTUAL message. (email and name removed to protect the gigglers)
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