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    owasp has released a project called webgoat. It is a web application designed for teaching users about web application vulnerabilities such as xss, sql injection, etc. It can be found at - http://www.owasp.org/webgoat/

    Sounds very cool to me.
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    Wow, This is a very cool rpoject... I just downloaded it and it looks great =]
    Thanks Juridian.

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    ok this freeken thing is getting to me.

    i installed J2sdk1.4.1_01

    i got tomcat up and running

    but when i run the install jar to get the war files to put in tomcat webapps.. nothing happens!

    java -jar install_WebGoat-2.0_windows.jar

    it just hangs there. Am i doing something wrong??

    i downloaded the file again and i get the samething.
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