For the ones of you that lately been asking things about me and if i have a lot of free time on my hands, etc,... here you have:

I'm 25, and i'm the president of the Uruguayan League of American Football. This next Monday i'm flying to Bahamas to play the 4th World Cup and then i'm going to live in Boston to be in the International Federation of American Football, specially invited by its president. I have been in computers since i was a little kid and i work and worked as technician, graphic designer and web developer for many agencies in my country. Together with my brother and a friend we have made a program called "Database Management Service" that our local ISP is using to monitor every request and complain users make to it. I work at home and that's why i have time to do things, although i have to practice with my american football team a lot, work and take care of the whole american football league, and i have to take care of my family, friends and girlfriend too ... but now what? i love computers and AO too and that's why i always find the time to do what i love.

Here you have a picture of some of my little babys... (i had to use my webcam to capture different pictures and then put them together the best i could, sorry)...



Note: I have saying this before going to USA, i don't know what will happen there and if i will have time to log every day in AO, etc...