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    Perl Programming

    hey people hope you all are doing well

    For class I must create my own encryption algorithm. My question is how do i program a key size. I am going to attempt to program this in Perl. How would I break the message up into a specified block size? Is there a particular module that would help me accomplish this? or is it built in? Would you consider Perl a good language to do this?

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    I'm not entirely sure I know what you mean.

    As far as I know, some encryption algorithms (or "ciphers") use the key (of n bits) to encrypt the first n bits of data, then perform some transformation on the key (based on the bits of data just encrypted, and perhaps previous bits), then use that as the key for the next "n" bits of data, and thus repeat the process.

    This ensures that the cipher proceeds with each block to a different key, so that repeated parts of the message are not encoded as a repeating sequence.

    I really am clueless in this field, so please feel free to ignore or correct me

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