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Thread: Ao Irc???

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    Ao Irc???

    How do i get connected to AO IRC?

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    Ummm, why don't you try clicking on the big button that says chat w/ security gurus? On the right side of the main page.

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    Hey sometimes the best of us overlook the obvious.

    If you don't like the java thing then get an IRC client. One good example is Trillian. It can connect to most popular messaging services as well, so one client can talk to AIM ICQ and IRC, plus that MSN chat thing.


    It will need a tiny bit of configuring ( some info like screen names, etc.)but it's not difficult at all.
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    Wow, I thought I was the only Trillian user... heheh. I connected into IRC for my first time the other week and the OPs in there were laughing because Iwas using it =( LOL
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    I'm an op and I use trillian on my winders boxes.
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    Just connect to irc.antionline.com with your IRC client(mIRC,bersirc etc).port = 6667

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    Once you have installed an irc client (mirc, klient, kvirc, bitchx, xchat whatever), and configured your nick (you may use /nick nickyouwant )
    /server irc.antionline.com
    and Bingo!

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