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Thread: Hosting Q

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    Hosting Q

    I know someone posted a thread about this *recently*, but search as I may, I can't find it.
    So, if anyone knows of a banner-free, free hosting service, could you let me know please?

    Thank you very much.
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    I use www.fateback.com. They are a little on the slow side, but i think they are in the process of updateing their bandwidth. But, they don't allow anything like PHP, Perl, ASP, ColdFusion, SSI, .htaccess, etc.

    Do a search from http://www.free-webhosts.com/. It's a really nice directory of free hosts and you can specify what u want. They are usually pretty up to date too.

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    Hmm, you could also check out HostUltra. They offer a nice free package, which I will paste here to save u the trip in making a decision

    Unlimited Data Transfer
    Unlimited Disk Space
    100mbps Network Connection
    99.9% Uptime
    Free Sub Directory ( hostultra.com/~you )
    Free Domain Hosting ( yourdomain.com )
    Custom Domain DNS Control ( A/CNAME/MX Records )
    Browser and FTP Uploading
    Hosting for Unlimited Domains w/ Unlimited Subdomains
    Free Search Engine Submission
    100% Free!

    or possibly t35 which has many similar features...

    35 MB of Space Free
    Unlimited Space (accounts created before 02/15/03)
    FTP Access
    No Ad Banners or Ad Frames
    Unlimited Bandwidth / Hits!
    Super Fast hosting!
    PHP / SSI Support
    24-7 Tech. Support
    Free Domain Name Hosting
    99.9% Up Time
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    I don't know of any baner-less web host but I have a sugestion. A while ago I got interested in web development, I was useing netfirms as my host, but then I had the idea that seting up my own web server would not be that dificult. I dont know in your case if this is an option. You could download a free web server such as KeyFocus Web server, http://www.keyfocus.net/kfws/ and with this you can set up php, cgi, ... and this way there are no advertisements unless you put them there. Not sure if this is off topic but I thought I might mention it.

    I used keyfocus web server for two months and was very impressed. They have implemented many security features and seem to respond to bug reports prity quick and efectively.

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    I know everyone knows this one, but GEOCITIES is quite good, it only has a tiny banner popup in the corner that can be closed easily, its a shame about the fairly long urls though
    e.g. www.geocities.com/yourname.
    Also you can try Brinkster.com its gives you an url like, www27.brinkster.com/yourname

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