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    Your PC: How It Works and How to Upgrade It

    I found this little informational on PCPitstop that details basic PC operation and suggested upgrades. The reason I posted this thread is because I notice many people here at AO are building their own PC's and have a variety of questions. The site covers basics (for someone building their first comp) and recommends upgrades (for the seasoned veteran).
    Check it out, let me know If it's beneficial or not
    Note: some of these informationals are a couple years old so I can't promise all the information is relevent to anyone's particular issues.
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    There is a web site that is a very good and reputable for its cheap prices on computer parts called Price Watch . They have anything from a floppy drive to a complete pre-built computer.

    Check it out.
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    I ordered and built a pc in August last year from www.ebuyer.com. Its mainly a uk site, although They have just added USA shipping now, It is cheap and I hav'nt had any problems with them. Also when you are thinking about eithr buying a whole pc or picking parts for a self build project, it pays to type the part or pc name into google eg "Soltek" and adding reviews after it which becomes "soltek drv5 reviews" This allows you to see what the big sites thought of the product you are looking at and helps you make your mind up.
    Some good sites for asking about computer hardware are the www.futuremark.com forumsand Here as well, I remember posting all my specs on here before I brought the parts and the feedback I got helped me a lot towards my choice.
    Anyway Good luck if any of you are looking to upgrade or build a whole new pc :-)

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    PCGuide is the ultimate reference. Great resource.
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