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Thread: Suggestions for Jupiter Media

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    Suggestions for Jupiter Media


    I've seen a couple of threads with suggestions/questions/wishes about the new AntiOnline already. My suggestion is to centralize all suggestions in this thread. You have a constructive comment about the antipoints-system? Post it here. You want the news-feeds back? You have a suggestion to speed up AntiOnline? Post it here.

    You can't expect Jupiter Media to immediately announce what their plans are with AntiOnline, what they plan on changing, what they plan on keeping, what they plan on getting rid off,... if they don't know what lives here at AntiOnline. And we, the users, know what's going on here, what the current problems are, how AntiOnline works. From what I know, they are reasonable people, and willing (wanting even!) to listen to our suggestions.

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    1) For the AP system. I think if you took the job to write a thread (good or bad) and someone is completely free to negg you for nothing writing whatever he/she wants as insulting messages (i repeat maybe your post is good and for not respecting your opinion the negg you with insulting messages), at least where it says "contact user about this assignment" you can send back a message to him/her too (always without knowing who he/she is). If he/she was a normal person and gave you greenies or negged you but giving you a good reason for that then all is OK, but if he/she wrote an insulting message to you, then, at least you have a way to "defend" yourself and this could prevent people for getting angry with "the world" and opening a new thread whining for the recent insulting message he/she received and being "bad negged" and sometimes banned for his/her extremely high "anger".
    If there's another way to stop insulting messages, well, better then, but i can't imagine one now.

    2) Another idea is (this is an old idea from an old post), seeing that AO main page has some blank space in the right side below the calendar, why not adding a new feature to the site called: THREAD OF THE WEEK and/or THE MONTH (for example, it could be given to the thread with most replies or views, etc. in the week and/or month) with a link to see the "old threads of the week and/or month"). It don't have to be only useful threads but interesting and funny too. This way we could have a faster way to know about most "interesting" threads around the site, good or bad, but that took the attention of many AO members.

    Well, these are my opinions, thanks,


    BTW, good post Negative!!!

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    I agree with what Dark has suggested. That would be nice to be able to add a few words when trying to contact that user. In addition (i have said this several times before in other threads) it would maybe not be a bad idea to earn the posibility of asigning APs once you have reached a certain member status. The reasons are simple. Someone who is long enough on AO and gets a higher member status, means that this user knows how and what AO is all about. Users with a higher member status usually take their time, and think before posting (yes, i know there are exceptions), meaining that the APs that they assign are not asigned unfairly, or with dumb remarks. Its really the newcommers who dont understand the AP system yet that well, and once they get negged, the go neg hunting. I think the AP system is a great way to maintain this board, and it should not be removed, but dont let the newbies have the posibilities to assign APs. Now, what status should earn this is entirely upto you. I think that jr.members is ok for this, if it still doesnt work out, then raise it more.

    About the IRC. Since JP and several other people have said that they would host an ircD and that AO will provide a link to it, i think this matter is solved. Whats the difference on which server its hosted? Or is it (no offense here) only cause some people have o-lines and dont wanna give them up. Or why not just open a channel on a public server? There are many solutions for that.

    The forums themselves are actually a form/type of work places, where people come and read, think and post. Within the forums, let there not be too much advertising. Its disturbing. I dont think that it would convince users to go and click on them. People who come into the forums come in to help or be helped. Im not saying dont place ads or banners. Just not in "our" work enviroments (inside the forums). Keep them on the main page, the downloads, for guests to view. Let this also be like the existing earned site benefits. I for sure would be very annoyed to get banners and ads everytime i switch a page in the forums, or want to reply to one. Hense...i would not come back so often, or even at all. Please believe me when i say that i understand Jupiter Media, i also work for a living and know how important adverstising is. But AO is a workplace. Imagine at where you work, on your desk, on top of every stack of papers, or stuck on every drawer and table, you would have stickers and papers with "COCA COLA IS IT", and/or "NIVEA CREAM FOR SENSITIVE SKIN" and "Get it now for only 99.999$" etc.... Thats so annoying and will turn users away. Im aware of the fact that its the way you make a living, by advertising. Just give us some room though. Dont over do it. (If i ever get a popup here, then im gone).

    I have heard about the conference that you intend to bring up here. I find this a great idea. I would love to hear a bit more detail on it, aswell as a few other ideas that you might bring. The experience that Jupiter Media has as a company will surely bring many wonderful things here to AO. I like when they said that they wanna try to increase the speed here. Thats a very good idea indeed. Maybe also a few more options in the threads themselves, like ways to point out certain threads that are real good ones, something similar to the stickys which are also good. Also maybe a few places for volunteers, where they can help to make AO better. Who else is more convienient than people who have been here for a long time.

    Maybe even a real time help desk (lol, sounds like irc to me), but the fact of having volunteers sitting in a channel at regular times to help out on issues that require assistance is a great idea. I have had a look at an application called chatspace. ( www.chatspace.com ) Its a great java chat interface that runs on irc. It has all kinds of neat skins and places to post many ads. Its the perfect solution for a company chat that offers real time help.

    One last thing.....

    Will there be rules on what is allowed to be posted or something like that? At this point i think that the freedom of speech that we have here on AO is important and a great thing. Also i would hate to see non security related forums to dissapear. I think that the chit chat section, the humour section and the cosmos section are cool. It helps to get my mind cleared out after sitting for 8 hours in AO doing security related issues.

    Oh well, if i have any more queries i will let you know. Good thread here negative. It shows that some of us are actually aware of the word "organization". This will hopefully become the only thread with these issues, and not every day 20 threads concerning with any of this. I want to see more security related threads, and less threads about whats going to happen. This thread should be enough for everyone to stay informed and to suggest.

    Good luck on your task here Jupiter Media, and once again welcome.

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    One thing that's been on my mind for a while is something I like to call AO Jobs. Start a new page on this site where prospective employers can recruit people from AO members. You could charge the employers if they find an employee or the member if he finds a job. The advantage of having this on AO as compared to another site is that the prospective employer could actually look at that person's previous posts and get a good idea of what the member is capable of. That would probably encourage better posting and it'll be great for the community as a whole.
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    do do do da grab your self a drink its going to be a long post

    well my main gripe atm would have to be the antipoints system to much abuse

    the first problem is alliances 80% of the big problems with users have had to been with antipoint alliances you scratch my back ill scratch yours type deals to get to the top 10 list for some reason people think that green dots are related to penis size? my solution either a self moderation system ie monitor who gives antipoints to who and count the amount of times if someone does it to some one to many times in a certain amount of time flag the account for review and monitor them heavily from then on in...the code would be pretty easy to add or a human moderation system where these antipoint moderators can monitor people giving other people antipoints and weed out the alliances that way....

    the other problem with alliances that we have seen is people grouping to constantly neg 1 certain person to get them banned and it works and gus knows it ( that was a joke not a political statment)

    antipoint abuse it takes place we have all been the victem of it
    users assinging you antipoints because they dont like you or the such
    the points them selves dont bother people its just the reasons they can be lude/crude and very abusive
    a button in the antipoint center to flag a comment for review where a moderator makes a desicion about it and a sutible punishment could be thought up
    these 2 problems take away from the orignal purpose of antipoints to be able to see who the are the usefull/helpful people compared to the annoying / "useless" people makes giving out rewards for earning antipoints hard still want my ao lunchbox .

    insert dancing monkeys for intermison

    lack of content atm has forced people to leave many senior memebers have left :| and its dishearting and its not for lack of trying many have tried to start decent conversations/ debates tutorials but it sadley gets drowned out in ****. and avenues to suggest change were lost due to jp's other dutys contracts and the such

    this site no offence to jp you have done a great job that you didnt have to do has become nuthing more than a pretty shell to forums the text files are out of date as with the tools and the such it would be a lot of work but harvesting these again to bring them up to date would draw alot more vistors we have a lot of original content in the tutorials forums as well

    im now going to steal an idea from THEJRC and mix it in with one, i read in a post you want to apease to the sys admins security consultants that visit this site my suggestion. a reposatory of data that has frequent problems ie a admin cant figure out how to configure snort he comes to the reposatory and searches and their he has it problems people have faced with snort how to configure it etc. thejrcs idea was to update it alot have lists of known spammers reviews of new software aimed at people in the industry ie this isnt stable yet i would wait it has potention if you need this this and this also a database on comman attacks would be nice to build so people could search find what is happening to their networks and users have suggest ways to stop/hinder this from happening again

    alot of users on this site have a talent and would be willing to vollenter it mabey if people were given more involment in the site the sense of the community would be raised people more willing to post meaniful posts moral does lovely things dont you think

    bring back the security and jobs database could be a brilliant idea or a bad idea depending on how you approch it i suppose money could also be made out of it charging people to post jobs i know a few ao memebers are looking for jobs atm and everybody loves cert and their becoming a big thing atm users info on them what they like about them if it was worth it could also be helpfull for other users prospective employees .....

    rewards for long time memebers / helpfull posting would also increase moral and lower the **** to good post ratio

    well im ranting again
    bed i go
    sorry about the long post

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    Well, Lots of things have been said already by Dark Raider and Instronics.

    I still have thingie that could speed up searches , certainly for Newbies.
    It's so that if you do a search on forums, certainly on the tutorial forum, it could take time
    and certainly if you do not really know what , how , were..
    You could solve this to arrange all those nice tutorials in a tree - like directory after some time
    and the thread or tut is dissappeared a bit.

    You still would be able to reply on those tuts but they certainly would increase searching and
    clear out better stupid questions on the Active forum.
    Don't find it there, post it ... already was and will continue like this.
    Also a nice fat link on the top of the main page to this tutorial tree would help lots of people,
    in particular newbies. Me, personally I've wandered around, before registering, but lots of newbies come in, post , get flamed and shot... they get angry and their you have the weakness of AP-system... they gonna abuse it , get together and stuff.

    Get rid of the first confusions for newbies and there will lot less flaming and banning before they make it to their 5-th post. At this point AP-system will be very usefull to award the nice posts and to negg those who are persistent. There are lots of help-faq's and tuts, but my opinion is they don't seem to find them... I knowit , it isn't hard if you're willing and at least try.

    Unless I think most of us already knew this, it had to get it of my chest...

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    just in regards to dark raiders post letting people know who gave you antipoints is a bad idea it opens up the way for revenge antipoints yes i know its sad but knowing the history of the points it will happen no doubt about it having been around for a while it has been suggest a lot of times and jp has said no every time for that reason


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    Rioter, I think wot he meant was a feature that allowed you to pen a conversation with the person who negged you to find out why, while still remaining Anon.....does that make sense? if that WASN'T wat he was talking about then that's what I would like to see added

    - Noia
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    Buddy, i think you misunderstood my point i didn't say we must know who negg who, i said that:

    ...you can send back a message to him/her too (always without knowing who he/she is)...
    It could be a a flame war if you know who negged you. I agree 100% with you.

    I know it was just a confusion so no prob.



    Edit: Thanks Noia, i was replying to RiOtEr but you posted first.

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    ummm ever clicked contact this user about this assinment you can do it already

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