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Thread: shell + background process

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    Question shell + background process

    hello all,

    where can I find a free shell on which its possible to run background process like eggdrop/bnc.... ?

    (it's for a friend)

    thx !

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    Hrmm. That gets harder and harder these days. Do a search with google and the terms "free unix shells". You should be able to find some. http://www.freebelt.com/freeshells.html This might also help.

    Keep in mind that many free shell providers are limiting access because of abuse. So you may have to do a lot of digging to find what you want.
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    Hey Hey,

    I spent a long time search for a free shell that provided bg processes, and I've yet to find anything good or reliable. My suggestion is start using IRC and meet people, maintain friendships and eventually those people will start giving you things as you give them things. I have a couple shells with eggie's that I obtained free from people, they're private servers and it was my friendships that got me them. I personally recommend EfNet (irc.ef.net) if you are interested in giving this a try

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    Hum, currently, it is difficult to find even a decent (and which survive more than 2 weeks) free shell without those abilities. I can send you a list of correct free shells I have collected, but they won't let you launch a bot or a bouncer for free.

    Like HTRegz said, the better solution is to know someone able to provide you such a free shell.

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