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Thread: MSN Messenger two sessions...

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    MSN Messenger two sessions...


    For the ones of you that don't hate MSN Messenger (haha!!! ) and have two accounts in it, for example one personal account and another one for working with customers, here you have a program that allows you to have two sessions opened at the same time. It's a free program. Just copy the file to where MSN Messenger is installed (normally, program files/MSN Messenger), execute it, and apply the patch (remember to close MSN Messenger before doing these steps). Then, open MSN Messenger and login with one account and then open MSN Messenger again and login with the other account. It is said that it doesn't work sometimes but it did worked fine to me.

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    I used this for a while to screw with people. Would invite people into a conversation with me and myself. Anywho. Stopped using it when I found trillian (http://www.trillian.cc). Cleaned up my task bar and didnt have to run like 4 different chat programs at a time just to talk with friends.
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    Yeah I second that, it just doesn't seem to mesh as well as Trillian does. Plus if you've got accounts on AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, and IRC (oh yeah, well do heheh) then Trillian is so nice too. Because you can run them all at once out of one window. But that's pretty cool, I didn't know something like that actually worked.
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    When I first heard of the concept of trillian (having all messenger programs in one) I figured, "cool, but their might be a few bugs". However, obviously, I was wrong. Trillian is an okay program, that has had and continue's to have quite a few bugs and problem's with the program. I only use two of the major chat programs (one really) so it's not that much of a hassle for me. What is a hassle is having to constantly download updates and patches every damn week. That's also a reason I mostly use Linux
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    I run trillian sometimes and i like it ok... but im just so used to all the other ones i usually forget to use it... but i do have like every avaible IM service lol so i guess it would be good to use all the time
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