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    If you are really lacking motivation when it comes to programming, or you are just looking for a good read, you should pick up a copy of "Just for Fun". Its all about Linus Torvalds and how he got into computers and how he developed linux. Its very funny and informative and hard to put down. You can buy it at any barnes and noble type bookstore in the computer section for $15.

    Has anybody else read this?
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    I saw that book and browsed through it. Looks pretty interesting.
    As a fan of linux, I'd buy the book just to support Linus.

    I have too many other books that I'm readin ATM, so when I finish these... I'll pick that one up.

    Thanks for suggesting it!

    For future notice... not a big deal of course... there is a forum specifically for product/book reviews . It is a nice forum for seeing what other people in the security field/industry thought about a book or product... Makes it easier when searching for info about a specific book or product.

    I tend to check out what others thought about it before I buy and try to post a review and my thoughts on other books that I've read.
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    Im sorry, is there a way I can move my topic to the proper forum?
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    Ask Negative, He might move it for ya....

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