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Thread: Hacking Hotmail

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    Hacking Hotmail


    I see these kind of posts about every week, and they get, (as they should) negged to death. But I am curious, has anyone ever succeeded in "hacking hotmail"? I mean, maybe in its early days or something? I dont wanna know how, I am just curious about if anyone ever succeeded in actually doing it, and if there is a story about it or something.

    Greetz & Respect.

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    um, somewhere out there yes. someone probably has hacked hotmail. and no, it wasnt me :P

    why do you want to know. i mean, its a pretty stupid question. and its a pretty obvious answer
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    You're right about this one, it's very obvious. => Wasn't this in the FAQ's as a nice example how not to post ?

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    hmm didnt JP put a pop-up FAQ list for newbies to read just after their first login?

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    Ya. They've been hacked. On a few occassions. But I don't think they make it public.


    Most of those that ask how to hack hotmail usually follow it with a "because my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is saying/doing/fooling around with lawyer/my best friend/dumped me" or some variation of that.

    I find that many people do not read information that is presented to them. There is a real serious issue on the Internet today with reading comprehension (Yes, I know -- a broad statement but one, I believe, that has a strong ring of truth to it). Our society and those growing up in the present society understand a world where arguments and convincing someone is done in seconds rather than over time. So why read the fine print? Just "gimme, gimme, gimme" a la Homer Simpson.
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    I have never hacked into a server that hotmail owns but as far as getting into another persons account, hmmm.

    Some people will give you their password if you ask them nicely. Would that be hacking ?(I guess it is, cuz it is still their mailbox).
    Never did anything to compromize someone on purpose.
    Couple off years ago I used public computers alot, been eff'd on some occasions too.
    Hacking hotmail is wrong and in most occasion too simple so no one should ask the "how do I hack hotmail ?" question.
    The occasions I had access to someone else hotmail account (wheter is was their stupidity or some cleverness on my part) I found nothing interresting anyways. Hacking hotmail accounts is a useless thing IMHo

    I remember when the AO IRC had a bot that would autokick you if you said "hotmail" and "hack" in the same sentence.

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    It has been done a few times. Just some little "bugs" in the script rather wich were fixed pretty fast. I read some things a while ago about a guy doing it without useing the "usual" way (social engineering etc). My friend tryed to "hack" my account once, by running a keylogger while I was signing in to MSN messenger. I did it once at school at a computer were another person forgot to logout. Other then those "user" mistakes, there aren't any real dangerous things. I think hotmail is even pretty secure because it's so big and because it's looked after by a big company.
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    Yeah its run by Microsoft. Haha, look at their history record ROFLMAO! (Windows NT has how many SP's out, and 2000 already has beyond SP3 out. hehehe. Real secure eh?
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    you said it ,neg !
    WTF is this? I get negged for even starting a discussion about hotmail? Oh wait, maybe the FAQ ment that i shouldnt mention Hotmail at all, in any post.... oh, then im soooo sorry, i misunderstood that then. Dudes, quit the "LOOK! HOTMAIL! NEG!" thing.

    Im not some fake-ass newbie that askes how to hack it, I just wondered if it ever was hacked. I mean, Microsoft always comes with these avading answers when ppl ask questions about a successfull hacking attempt, so any story about it is bound to be interesting.

    Like in the article that MsMittens suplied. A typical example of covering up MS stupidity:
    A Microsoft spokesperson initially claimed hackers accessed the "Hotmail servers through specific knowledge of advanced Web development languages." But security experts disagreed.

    "This obviously doesn't require detailed knowledge of Web development languages to exploit," said Ian Goldberg, chief scientist at Zero-Knowledge Systems. "Basically, this URL is like walking up to a guard and saying, 'I'm so-and-so. That other guard over there already checked my ID,' and having him wave you in."
    Why is MS always doing **** like that? They never just come out with their problems. The thought about hotmail being hacked came from thinking about this. And their response about it was just as expected.

    Greetz & Respect.

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    I know how you feel man. It happens quite often and there was another thread started about what *should* constitute a neg and how people have been quick to plow others with unfair negs. Anyway, people lately have been balancing out their APs by clubbing people who even mention the word. Not much you can do (for now).

    My 2 cents.
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