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Thread: What does BIOS cd does ??

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    What does BIOS cd does ??

    When migrating 98 to W2k they used BIOS cd before installing W2k, WHAT does BIOS cd do ??

    Thanks for INFO

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    "BIOS means Basic Input Output System. BIOS is actually firmware, the software that is programmed into a ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip built onto the motherboard of a computer. BIOS is what makes the system run an initial Power-On Self-Test of the computer, initialize circuits, load the boot program from the boot disk, and then handle low-level I/O to peripheral controllers such as keyboard and display."

    They probably upgraded the BIOS before upgrading to win2k for some compatability issues.

    Any other questions go here http://www.bioscentral.com/

    hope this helps
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    Actually, this is a sign of a thorough tech. I know that I make it a point to stay current on firmware, BIOS updates, driver updates, etc.

    The person who did this was more than likely doing just that. The other possibility is that there is additional features or bug fixes in the latest BIOS firmware for your machine. In any case, upgrading the BIOS more times than not is a very good thing.
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