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Thread: Playstation 2 Questions

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    Playstation 2 Questions

    I recently got a Playstation 2 for Christmas and have
    007 Nightfire
    GTA 3
    GTA Vice City
    Medal of Honor
    Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty

    I have a few questions. What games are worth buying for the PS2? I like 3rd person and first person shooters and all around fun games.

    I have heard of SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals but have never played it? Is it worth buying? And when I buy the network adapter, how does it setup, and do I have to pay an annual fee to play?

    Thanks in advance
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    you have to purchase SOCOM. I love that game and if you really feel like splurging you can get the online hookup and play teams with others across the us/world whatever. eventhough their online network kind of sucks.

    Madden is always fun, the tiger woods pga 2003 is fun too. have fun with it, but socom is a blast
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    Here are some useful links for you as well, so you can read reviews and comments get codes etc in helping in your buying decisions ummm i like Devil May Cry its cool too and you look to have a nice library started
    anyways hope these help ya


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    I bought Red Faction 2....Its a nice game. Has the look and feel of Quake 3 and Unreal tournment put together.
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    Wasn't Red Faction built with the Quake 3 engine? That might explain why it plays like it! lol
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    Although it may not be your type, you can never go wrong with Final Fantasy Another one I enjoy is Twisted Metal Black.

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    You guys all gotta try GTA3 Vice City.

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    Simple advice (based on experience) from my 10 yr old son...

    Rent it before you buy it
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    i would recommend GTA:Vice City

    i know you already have it, but you might as well get another copy since youre going to melt that one with the ridiculous hours youll spend playing it.

    oh, and hitman2 is probably one of the best games ever!!!

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    Thumbs up Timesplitters

    For a great 'bare-bones' first person shooter I recommend TimeSplitter 1 & 2. These game are perfect for the PS2 multi-tap to play with 3 friends. And TimeSplitters 2 has an improved one-player story mode. These games aren't as sophisticated in their plot as, say, Red Faction, but they are fun if you want to just 'pick-up-and-play' and kill someone. The controls utilize the dual analog sticks which if you're not used to them are difficult to get used to but once you become familiar you'll never want to play a first person shooter any other way. TimeSplitters 2 is, of course, better than the first but I still love to go back and relive the old days as a pure, unadulterated killing machine.

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