PayPal virii attack
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    Angry PayPal virii attack

    It seems that PayPal users are under attack by sophisticated e-mail worms.

    The most recent mailing, sent Feb. 10 was full of spelling errors. With the subject line "PayPal Account Manager," it read: "PayPal has just finish our lastest breakthrough in customer server. The PayPal Account Manager. With this program, you can now have LIVE 24/7 support with aPayPal Tech Support Operator. We hop this increases your PayPal experience."
    said to install backdoor on vicitim pc and a keystroke logger.

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    They think the attackers are pulling email's striaght from PayPal's database. mad:

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    Just to let you know Dark already posted that, 2 days before you Phaz, @
    [shadow]There is no right and wrong, only fun and boring...
    Formatting my server because someone hacked into it sounds pretty boring to me...
    That\'s why it\'s all about!

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