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Thread: 2 code or not 2 code?

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    Lightbulb 2 code or not 2 code?

    It really a waste of time to sit back and code virii but there R some little *hits that get off on coding such malicous things. I think the Media are the cause of them still making new or variants of such code. *poof*cig. They should be lock-up for recreation actitvity for some old jailbird. Bet then when released they will never code a virii called "RamRod" *hehe* or anything like that. Media make the ppl who they are by glorifing them. Then they're in the basement of there home stating as they watch the lastest news. "Hiphip hurray!! The world will surely bow down to my next creation." Steady masturbating at the thought there code destroy or shutdown many systems. Social Misfits- if they sent as much time doing some useful work or writing some useful code it would benefit society better as a whole. Just some thoughts from my mind on the matter. Most of the code written in alot of the new virii is lame, bloated not optimsed for performance. Sometimes copied from someones original idea not of their own idea that says enough that they can't code to well to find their own expliots or alot of old exploits are used.

    What do the AO commuity think about these little *hit#. Just thought it would make a good debate on this forum. One more ? what R some of the concepts in the IT field that rule your life or should I say ideology that U practice. My is coding and learning differents langs.

    Would love to hear from everyone. What R your ideas one these type of ppl that code such wasteless code to nothing useful.

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    I agree... as to what causes people to write this kind malicious software; I think it's the feeling of p0wer that some might gain from the idea that something they created (a pseudo-life form) can survive (and how well it can propagate/thrive) much like a living species (although Iíve seen very few that really evolve?) when you take a look at it that way, itís quite interesting... too bad they canít figure out another way to play anyway- thatís just my thought on itÖ
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    Yup, that's exaclty why Linux rules so much..
    if there is something you don't like (or something exploitable) you can fix it and get credit !!

    in the Microsoft world, you can't get it fixed (wait 23 months for an update ) so you'll have to prove the point . . .

    It's the only way to make redmont fix their **** ( or even let some other firm do it )..

    PS. I'm not pro virii, just pro linux
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    Good paper on this

    You've probably all seen this before, but I liked this paper on the subject:


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    There are probably as many reasons to write virii as there are psychotics who can program. The question is not why they do it, but how we can stop them. The prospects of prison doesn't stop them because no one commits a crime with the intention of being caught. Prison is a good place for them but you have to catch them first, which means they have caused problems.

    We can make it more difficult for them. We can keep our systems up to date. We can work with security personell while developing system specifications and have them test our systems after being written. There are a myriad of details we can work on to keep our systems safe and funcitoning BUT we don't. It costs too much or it takes too much time.

    We are part of the problem because we have given them the opportunity to distribute the malware. Perhaps if we were more vigilant there would be less damage.

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    Yeah that's sad that people get a kick out of writing things to go destroy other people's stuff. The scary thing too is a lot of these types of programmers are not usually bullies or anything. In the real world they are normal people, but they have an extreme know how of computers. When it comes to them being online, they can sit and take out their frustrations on everyone. Kind of makes you think about the super evil enemies in the movies.

    More and more I think there has been an increase because of media, but I think mainly they do it because they can. It's a high for some, it's a challenge for others, and some just do it because they stubbed their toe getting out of bed in the morning.

    It's part of life though, you have the good and the bad. There is no perfect utopia, even in cyber space. Which is a very sad fact in one sense, but think if there were no hackers/virii coders... there would be no Norton Antivirus programmers, or Microsoft having all their exploit issues, all those jobs that wouldn't exsist. Food for thought...

    Personally I think that without the "troubles" of computers, there would be no challenge. I like a challenge! Plus with as well I seem to understand and work with computers, I sometimes find it fun kicking a hackers @$$ all over the Internet!
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