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    Windows IRC

    I currently have 2 computers, one of which is WindowsXP Pro and the other ASP Linux. I use x-chat on my linux box for IRC and I was wondering if anyone had any IRC suggestions for the WindowsXP machine besides MIRC. I currently use x-chat windows version on the XP computer, but I'm looking for something with more security if possible. I've consulted the forums and couldn't find much useful information on this category. Thanks
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    there are tons of scripts out there that you can look at.

    I use three different scripts, an edited polaris, invision, and ripscript.
    You should be able to find those there if not they are all freeware and I can prolly set you up with invision.
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    for windows, depending on what programming languages you may know; there are quite a few open source IRC clients available for download all over the net? Most of my clients are mod/open source… I love it (although I don’t like IRC) having all of my clients/apps specifically tailored to my needs- it really makes my whole computing experience better/easier/effecint… anyway- I hope you like to code

    Links to other sites
    The official website for mIRC, a popular Windows IRC-client., a popular site offering easy access to IRC via the web.
    The official site for one of the most used UNIX IRC-clients.
    A site devoted to BitchX.
    An archive of scripts for BitchX.
    The official home-page for EPIC, a popular *IX IRC-client.
    An archive of scripts for EPIC.
    The official home-page of ircII, the de-facto IRC-client for *IX.
    Windows 95/98 IRC-clients and links to their websites.
    An archive of various scripts for mIRC.
    The oficial homepage for amIRC, an Amiga IRC-client.
    The official homesite for ircle, a Macintosh IRC-client.
    The official site for MacIRC, a Macintosh IRC-client.
    The official homesite for Xircon, a Windows IRC-client.
    The official homesite for ScrollZ, a closed-source UNIX-client.
    The official homepage for ViRC, a Windows IRC-client.
    A large collection of ViRC-related material (currently down).

    The official site for one (over-used) IRC-bot.
    A site devoted to Eggdrop.
    An archive of precompiled Eggdrop-bots.
    A newsgroup on Eggdrops.

    A list of UNIX/Linux related IRC-channels & clients.
    The #mIRChelp home-page, offering answers to common problems.
    The #IRChelp home-page, a compilation of different help-files.

    The official EFnet website.
    The official (yet a tad unfinished) IRCnet website.
    The official DALnet website.
    The official Undernet website.

    A largeish site devoted to help IRC beginners.

    Miscellaneous IRC-resources.
    The specification (RFC) of the old IRC protocol.
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    I'm pretty competent in both C/C++ and Java.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll give them a look through and see what I can come up with.
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    Not to mention there's XChat for windows...

    ...Have fun.
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    You could also check out Trillian by Cerulean Studios. I have found it works rather well on Win98 & XP.


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    mirc is good with the latest version....also get ircn from forget installing mirc 5.91 and go for 6.03 and yes it will work fine with ircn. if you are worried about version a friend of mine made a no version patch for mirc 6.03 that will truly hide its version.

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    Hiding your version in mIRC is very old..... basically any script you download now-a-days has the option to hide the version... and for old schoolers, you can always hex edit out the version reply... I remember doing that with mirc 3.x damn that seems like a while ago.... mIRC, if you get the right scripts/ write your own, is probably the best.

    XiRCON is another very very nice Windows IRC client... unfortunately it is no longer under development. You can still pick up the last release though and along with the kano script.. it is an exceptional client... Available from

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    You fell insecure in mIRC client ..
    You can secure this client with some Windows, Dos patch ; Example :
    -anti nuke
    -anti flood in general (not all ..)

    Here you go an place where you can find some patche`s :


    And here you go a link to some DOS .inf regarding IRC client`s :


    This is it .

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    Originally posted here by HTRegz Hiding your version in mIRC is very old..... basically any script you download now-a-days has the option to hide the version...
    well what i have realized is that most of them just hide the script version not the mirc version

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