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Thread: Dorothy hanging herself?

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    Dorothy hanging herself?

    Has anyonne ever seen the shadow in the part of wizard of oz, where it looks like somebody jumped off something and hanged themself? i had always heard that it was dorothy, but somebody told me that they had the DVD copy, and with the enhancements it looked like something else. i know this is a lame topic, but my naturally curious and dorky mind won the battle of whether or not i should post this! LOL looking forward to your responses!

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    At what part of the movie is it in .. i havent seen the movie in ages (its my girlfriends favourite) so i will probably be watching it again soon and this shadow sounds interesting

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    it was a dwarf, not Dorothy!
    there are many stories like this?

    The rumor of the hanging/suicide has been
    circulated probably since 1939 when the picture was
    first released!
    The explanation that I have found most often
    given and most believable
    is the following:

    MGM proclaimed at the time of filming,
    that they had rented 300 birds
    from ZOO PARK, in Los Angeles,
    so that the director could select an appropriate
    few for the background atmosphere amidst
    the trees.
    Among the birds were:
    golden pheasants, a South American toucan,
    an African crane and
    a Saurus crane.

    A few of these birds managed to escape and
    appeared in various shots throughout the filming of

    One of these incidents occurred on the set of
    the Tin Woodsman (with the cottage),
    that is so highly discussed even today - and is known as


    The explanation given is that it was one of the
    larger birds on that particular set that creates the
    illusion of a person hanging!

    In the words of Mr. Ripley,

    Believe it or not!
    taken from http://www.westol.com/~wizardoz/hanging.htm
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I recall it being one of the crew, NOT dorothy, since she's in EVERY other scene in the movie... and probably many movies AFTER that one. I used to know this, so i'll think about it and see if i can find it.

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    Just a bird?

    Someone told me about this a while ago. I was told it was a munchkin hanging himself. If I was looking at the correct scene it was very obviously a crane, one of those large birds. You can see cranes in this scene immediately before the supposed hanging. So I think what people are mistaking for a hanging is actually the silhoutte a crane moving in the background. Or course, I could be wrong.

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    i guess CNN should give a few minutes to explain that then, do you guys relize how many rumors and crap could be silenced if just some news agency said something about it? also, LOL did anybody look at the similiar threads section?LOL port scanning yourself, thats really revelant!lol
    Did curiousity really kill the cat, or is that just what they want you to think?

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    A very interesting place for you all to go to see and read about these types of things in almost every other movie, game, piece of software or DVD is www.eeggs.com

    It's devoted to showing you how to get those "easter eggs."

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    Has anyone played Pink Floyd's "Dark side of the moon" while Wizard Of Oz is playing. Start them @ the same time. It's weird, the music fit's the movie very well. . rumour is. . . they planned it like that!
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    Yeah....start "Dark Side" when the lion roars for the second time during the opening credits and put the ol' cd player on repeat. It is erily coincidental how it follows the movie.

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