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Thread: Loging ip-addresses

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    Loging ip-addresses


    I am having alittle problem... I just became a director of the STA program at ITS for my college. In the past we have been having some problems with the logging in method. We have the students log in by sending an e-mail to an account. The trouble is that they are logging in and out from their rooms not from the labs. So my thought was to look at the IP address in the header, except for I cant find the IP address in the hedder. All internal campus e-mails do not get anything in the header like an IP address of where it came from. The server is a Microsoft exchange server. Is there any way to find out the originating IP or is that something that would have to be done on the server? or is this something that we should change our way of logging in and out with our labs??


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    Have you considered putting policies on so that they can only log in from certain IP addresses?

    What's the email program you are using to retrieve the mail from which the students send the email?

    I think I understand your question now. The students log in to register that they are there for the lab, correct?

    As for the logging in and out of labs, you might want to create a simple website that records this information but requires that they sign in and out by IP address. As in, they can only access the website if they have an IP from a specific range of IP address. They'd have to record both student name and number.
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