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    security certs

    i went to this url and it list security certs, i have no idea whats the best and what companys like the best, if any can assit me into telling me whats the differnce in some of the others and what is the best.

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    Most companies prefer the CISSP or SSCP designation. SANS is also a preferred cert or a product specific cert (Cisco Pix, Checkpoint, etc.)

    Those are the ones that are more recognized.
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    Mary Washington College has online courses in their Masters Program that encompass the six core SANS exams. I know a couple people who are taking the classes, and in 2004, I am going to. Check out:

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    CISSP is a higher level certification that covers the ten domains of security and would be appropriate for an enterprise level security manager.
    SSCP is more for the Network Security guru. Still covers the ten domains and such, just at a more technical level
    Various other certs generally cover specific OS and network security.

    So, much depends on your level in the org, and where you want to be/go?

    Here's a good site for the CISSP/SSCP:

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