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Thread: http://www.infasec.org/archive/ <-- Now the largest by far.

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    http://www.infasec.org/archive/ <-- Now the largest by far.

    We just started the script that will add more than 12,000 additional files to the archive when completed. The spiders are running non-stop and we have been working extremely hard to avoid duplicate entries and such.

    * Note these files have not been checked for virii. - So be sure to do this yourself.

    The script should be done in about 20 minutes or so. This will bring the total to somewhere around 32,000+ files, tools, vulnerabilities, exploits and applications.

    *nefty - Thanks for the pointer, we found the problem with the duplicate entries that ended with 01.


    Oh, and for the others that asked about the home page for your browsers: http://www.infasec.org/home/



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    And your advertising your site here for a second time because....
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    ...he wants ATT to close his dsl account?
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    hehe...I took a quick browse, and all your stuff is like 4-5 years old.....I mean
    "An Idiots Guide to WIndows95" or "Why windows 95 is better than Linux"

    lol....some thing tells me your miss understood all of this....well...nice knowin' ya :P

    - Noia
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    lmoses: Thou didst protest too much in our last conversation..... and.... exactly as I suspected you prove with this post that your actions are purely cynical ambulance chasing.... I said it once before..... I have no intention of being polite any more..... **** off!
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