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Thread: Cracker makes off.. big time!

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    Cracker makes off.. big time!


    Hacker accesses 2.2 million credit cards
    Visa: No accounts have been used fraudulently
    From Fred Katayama

    NEW YORK (CNN) --A hacker has gained access to as many as 2.2 million Visa and MasterCard accounts, the two companies announced Monday.

    The hacker breached the security system of a company that processes credit card transactions on behalf of merchants, Visa and MasterCard said.

    None of the Visa accounts has been used fraudulently, Visa spokesman John Abrams said.

    The affected accounts make up about one-third of 1 percent of the 560 million MasterCard and Visa cards in the United States. Spokesmen for the two companies said they have notified the banks that issued the affected cards.

    Both card companies have zero-liability policies, which protect cardholders from being held responsible for unauthorized or fraudulent charges.

    MasterCard and Visa would not disclose how many banks they had notified, nor would they say whether the hack was a regional or national problem.

    Citizens Bank, a financial institution serving the Northeast, shut down the accounts of 8,800 customers whose card numbers had been accessed after being notified by MasterCard on Friday, bank spokeswoman Pamela Crawley said. All of those accounts were safe, she said.

    CNN called several leading card issuers, but only one, First USA Bank, returned calls for comment. Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for its parent, BankOne, said FirstUSA's cards were not affected and that the bank was not aware of any security problems affecting its customers.

    MasterCard said it is working with authorities, including the FBI, to help identify the culprit.
    Damn... somebodys getting into trouble!

    I hate it when the media puts headlines like that... "Hacker this" and "Hacker that"...

    When will they get it right? Damn crackers!

    I'll have to call tomorrow... see if my CC company was affected...
    maybe I can get those COMPUSA charges taken off... j/k
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    The best way to massage a cracker´s, kiddie´s whatever´s ego is calling them hacker. Perhaps we could use: A moron, a dork, a loser, and so on.. .
    Damn, access to milions of cc is really scary.

    Found in a diary:
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    I despise people who try and label us...
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    I'll hope they'll get him, nice statement of tatui though...
    I think the people out there will never know the true meaning of hacking and/or cracking,
    They just want to point theirs fingers and say : .... Oh...Hacker...

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    People are like sheep......they follow each other around, and when they learn one thing, it's hard for them to un-learn (?) what's wrong.......ugh

    Media Sucks.
    Crackers suck.
    If you wan't to get to VISA Or MasterCard, do what they did in Fight Club lol jk

    oh well.....
    - Noia
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    For people who don't totally understand computers, and the people who are "into" them, it's easier to just give a general label. Personally I take the look of us calling anyone with dark skin black, etc. Not racist, but more of a catagorizing. Anyone who does anything with computers and knows more than the "typical user" is considered a hacker.

    The general public doesn't want to take the time to learn, they don't even really care. As long "us people" who work for a company do our job, then they are happy to call and ask questions etc. They know who to bug them. Same when a cracker or just a kid goes and does something, they are labelled as a "hacker".

    Take for instance that 11 year old who's on trial for changing his grades when his teacher walked away from the computer, he'll be labelled as a hacker for the rest of his life probably. Even though the kid might not know more than that the grades were on the computer, and how to use a keyboard.

    < rant >
    I try not to take affense for stuff like that, because my friends always called me a "hacker" just as a joke. But when other people hear that, even people who I do computer stuff for on teh side, they look like they take offense and wonder how they could have let me touch their computer. Even though I am so highly recommended by people and I only get work through word of mouth. </rant >
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