I love Google.com, they never seem to stop amazing me
the latest cool toy from google (that i know of) a Perl Module allowing Single-variable access to Google search results

USING Tie::Google
Using tied variables can make searching Google much simpler for trivial
programs. "Tie::Google" presents a simple interface to Google's search
API, using "Net::Google" as the underlying transport mechanism. To use
"Tie::Google", you must already be registered with Google and have an
API key.

You can tie scalars, arrays, or hashes to the "Tie::Google" class; each
offers slightly different functionality, but all offer direct access to
Google search results. The basic syntax of all types is:

tie VAR, 'Tie::Google', $APIKEY, $QUERY, \%OPTIONS;
continued at http://search.cpan.org/author/DARREN/Tie-Google-0.01/
i'm sure that not everyone will think this is as cool as i do, but i'm sure that the perl programmers on AO will prolly be downloading this one

btw- you can always find the newest Perl Modules @ http://use.perl.org/modulelist/