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    The world best-known computer hacker suffered the indignity of having someone break into his new security consulting company's Web site. But Kevin Mitnick shrugged it off as "quite amusing,"(tru) not serious enough for him to call the FBI.
    Mitnick, whose fed. probation on hacking charges ended a few weeks ago, acknowledged the break in at Defensive Thinking Inc. was the second time in weeks that hackers found a way into the the comp running the company's Web site.
    One of the hackers called himself "BugBear" added a page to Mitnick's corporate site with a message, "Welcome back to freedom,Mr. Kevin," and it was fun and easy to break into your box." A similar break-in was acheived but in neither instance did the hackers do damage "out of respect for me," Mitnick said.

    ~Tampa Bay Newspaper edit/WORM ~

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