I have been trying to get my suse to work with the internet. I was use Compuserve and that didn't work. It will not work on linux. I now have Allvantage. I've tried yast2. Nothing. Someone said to try kppp. Everything worked up to the very end of the connection. It dropped and gave an error. This is what it says; /ect/ppp/peers/kppp is a directory. Now I have opened that up and there is nothing in it. The modem works fine, allvantage gave me all the information to put into kppp and yast2. Everything works fine right up to just gong on. I would really like to do some other things with my linux besides trying to get it to connect. And yes, I have rtfm. Someone said I sould try wvdial and wvdial.conf. I did and it acted just like yast2, nothing. kppp seems to be the only thing that gets close to connecting. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

cybnut (Fred)