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Thread: under VIRII Attack

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    under VIRII Attack

    this image (created by me) represents a computer under attack..... from some bad VIRII..... I hope you like... criticisms are well axes....

    well.... some explanation i think it's necessary....
    the skulls in the Virii rappresent the men who created them... because without a man that create a virus... it coundn't exist... the computer is like a destroyed world.... because the world in which we live in is on connection with our PC and also because the pc put me in the condition to talk see and feel what some other people think see and hear.... in my case this world is AO... but not only obviously! I hate Virii even if I have some of this in my Pc to see how they work and how could them stop.... have a nice trip...

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    Great work, great detail! The virus attacking a computer theme is a little hard to see, but knowing that ahead of time you can udnerstand what everything symbolizes. I love the detail, especially on the weapons at the end of the arms. I think you should make (if you feel like it) something else that would be on the other side showing more of the computer itself being attacked. But wonder, very clear and detailed!
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