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    Lightbulb Assembly

    I have found this link about Assembly language.....
    If someone of you is interested.... check it out.....


    I hope you find it good....

    there's another one:


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    I was just looking for something like this. Weird. Thank you.
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    While were on the topic of assembly I found a whole OS written in ASM.

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    As an old and I do mean old assembler language programmer, I must ask why this fascination with assembler language? You use a language for its advantages. At the moment I must say that C and C++ have great advantages over assembler language. That is particularly true when you are dealing with multi gigahertz machince that can access megabytes of memory and gigabytes of disk data.

    I am not saying you shouldn't learn assembler or that assembler is useless but we use computers to build computers. Why shouldn't we use high level languages to write operating systems, compilers and debuggers.

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    jeez, a whole OS in ASM... must be a veeeeeeery patient programmer, will check out!
    Thanx for the info Anatra & cwk9!

    I think the asm stuff is seen as sort of godlike programming. Many nerds aspire to learn such a complex and efficient language. Assembly is probably one of the most (if not the most) complicated, but very usable languages. In some environments certain functions are written in asm and then the rest of the program is written in some high level language, then the two are somehow thrown together to get the efficiency and speed of asm + the more rapid dev of the gui, etc. I don't want to start a flame war, but I do think in many instances the high-level-languages are plenty fast in execution. For one, it allows the compiler to make the optimization choices, something a low-level-programmer may not see. Size is another issue, however, and everyone knows asm programs are tiny compared to any project in C, C++, or other higher level languages. Not to bash Microsoft, but I do think the guys working on the current and future generations of Windows will be using a higher-level coding environment like .NET. The company spent hundreds of millions on .NET, so I think they will be using it if not only to promote it.

    Does this answer your question(s) at all?
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