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Thread: Ready or Not its... Ready.gov

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    Ready or Not its... Ready.gov

    Hey all,

    I ran across this and thought it may be of interest , being that the war and political debates are still going strong here LOL anyways it seems like some useful info and i figured id share and see if anyone had any thoughts or opinions

    A week after sending Americans scurrying to stores for bottled water and duct tape following a heightened security alert, the new Homeland Security Department (HSD) has unveiled a Web site, Ready.gov , as part of HSD's national publicity campaign for terrorism preparedness.

    The new site contains information about biological, chemical and radiation threats and explosions and nuclear blasts. It also has instructions for preparing emergency supply kits.
    In addition, the site has information about creating a family plan, deciding whether to stay or go in the case of a terrorist attack and what do in an attack whether at work or school, in a moving vehicle or in a high-rise building. Links are provided to the Citizens Corp, the American Red Cross and state agencies.

    HSD plans to use the site as part of a campaign to be known as "Arm Yourself with Information." The national campaign will utilize the Web, cable channels, yellow pages and the Postal Service to get HSD's message out to Americans.
    "Arm Yourself with Information."
    LOL and who says the U.S. government never has any thing useful to say ... sorry couldnt resist LOL Hey we could use that here it would be quite fitting dont ya think

    story found Here


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    That is nearly as good as what is happening in Australia.

    "Be Alert, but not Alarmed" is whats being forced in our faces wherever we go.

    Our fantastic PM thinks it is just to spend approx $30Mill on advertising and a booklet for every Australian household. (but it is not just to fund baggage scanners for our airports!!)

    What a fantastic way to fight terror! </sarcasm>

    You can check out the booklet here if your interested (No one in Australia is though...)

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    they try to calm you by sites like ready.gov and the aussie " be alert but not alarmed" all they are really doing i feel is instilling more fear and anxiety into people. while we do live in a world where terrorism is a very real threat and these messages need to be delivered .. it doesnt help (i see no way of doing it better tho)

    Its like the fight against crackers... where the sysadmin (and be educated themselves) must educate users.. the government must educate normal everyday people on terrorism

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    Personally I think they are giving the terrorists exactly what they want by putting out pamphlets and websites. The anticipation of death is worse than death itself.

    Education about terrorism comes from living through it. There are no classes you can take, no books you can read, no thesis that can truly define the fear you must live with on a daily basis. You cannot begin to understand that fear has no limits, unfortunately because we understand that we exist, this type of manipulation will always be the most powerful.

    The only recourse that we have as a civilized society is to pursue and eliminate those that would turn our own fear against us.

    I do not prescribe to the idea that one group of people, whether it be a religious group or a social one, should be able to make the entire world hold their breath in anticipation of what MIGHT come to pass.

    Those of you who have not felt the most basic type of fear, because you might be far from the center of conflict, have no concept of what kind of courage it takes just to get up every morning and go about your "normal" life under these circumstances. Those of you who are geographically or emotionally detached from this issue have no basis for any type of argument, whether a critical one or semantic one.

    This is my opinion and whether I have perfect debating skills or not, is the not at the heart of this issue. What is at the heart of this issue is that I have children that must grow up in a world where at any moment their loved ones or they themselves can be snatched from the living at the whim of a few, very sick individuals.

    Call me what you like, criticize me for having a backbone, insult my country, my heritage, and my lifestyle. But I'll be damed if I'll give up protecting my loved ones.
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