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Thread: Norton Systemworks for XP

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    Norton Systemworks for XP

    Ok, I just got Windows XP a month ago, and I have had Norton Systemworks with all the componets installed. Well evrything was fine for a little while untill my computer started acting strangely because Norton Systemworks was deleting necessary Windows files. I think this is a problem and I wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else . I think this might be because it is happening to one of my friends' computers too

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    i was running NSW on w2k and i have already reinstalled once and now it is showing some error saying.."windows explorer has generated errors and will need to shut down...an errror log is being created"..don't know what to make of it...wonder if i have to reinstall again.
    And by the way my computer is booting very slow...and i begin to wonder if that is due to NSW also..???

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    Haven't looked at NSW for awhile, it's on a remote box that's running well, but isn't there an option somewhere to build an "exception" list? Should be when it boots up if it questions any files it will give you a choice of how to treat the file and it then catalogues it for future reference according to how you instructed the program........ ?

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    I agree with all of u, & more I don't know while when I establish that NAV start up with Windows, or only installed Norton systems works on my computer => my computer runs so slowly, much more slowly than normally. When I remove it, everything seems to be so good.
    Do u think that the sourse of my computer is very low, my computer has only 128Mb SD Ram.
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    Are you also running a McAfee product? If so, check your task manager for RULaunch.exe -- if it's running when you notice these slow downs disable it. To permanently disable it you will need to disable the instant updater \ automatic updates (just don't forget to manually check for updates). Also, as far as Norton goes....I was having some problems with it, not as drastic as the ones mentioned above, and I just disabled it from automatic startup and that cleared everything up. If you do this don't forget to enable it once you're up.

    A lot of these things can be resource hogs and as long as you can remember to check for updates/patches yourself it can really help your performance to disable certain non-vital features.

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    Well just delete the norton anti virus and get a new anti virus program and to get your files back this should work if it doesn't come up in recycle bin

    1. Open the application you wish to test.
    2. Create a test file and save it.
    3. Use the application’s File -> Open command to display the Open dialog box.
    4. Locate your test file in the list, right-click the file and choose Delete from the pop-up menu.
    5. Check the Recycle Bin to see whether your file has been placed there

    I hope that helps.

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