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    Question Cms

    Im thinking about starting up a cms on my website and am interested in learning how it works and how to mod it. I was wondering if i could get some opinions on good ones to start with and why.
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    hi, im sure many AOers know what a cms is, but i dont. so, maybe if you explained a little better, even the people who dont know what cms is can help look and even learn something.

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    CMS - Client/Customer Management Systems/Services/Software..

    am I talking the correct language?

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    Im sorry for my vagueness.

    I meant cms as in Content Management System. I was told a bit about it in another thread I started called The KiAdmin Project. CMS is pretty much what anti-online is. Except for the fact that onti-online is supposedly a heavily modified vBulliten board, and there are alread premade CMS's out there. Im wanting to start with one of the premade ones and learn how to modify it from there, so if anybody has any experience with any of these, please make some recomendations. Cheers.
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    A great place to test CMS live and maybe even the place were you'll decide what kind of CMS to use is opensourceCMS ,I guess that most of the free CMS systems are represented there (not all but many of the better).

    Another great source is cmsInfo - Slash Home.

    I do run Postnuke on my site and I am quite satisfied since Im to lazy to code a own CMS, it could be a bit more flexible but hey I got it for free .


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    It's been talked about before how insecure the Nuke programs are. I've tried both. I do like a lot of the modules and hacks that are available for PHPNuke, whereas PostNuke is still lacking in the modules somewhat. They are both going to give you a fairly good idea of how a CMS is run and created.

    Now, a project I had running back a couple of months ago was taking phpBB and creating a portal site out of it. It's a little more work, as they're still in the process of making an official portal system for it. But it was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and I came out with a good understanding of what I was doing. Another cool thing you can do, if you are willing to do some extra reading and extra work, is try porting a forum such as phpBB to full site integration. Actually, despite what many have thought, it's not that hard. You can customize your entire site, hardcoded or not, using phpBB...create full integration in a neat and effective manner. The only problem with this is: Not many people have done it or have been willing to try, so the documentation on how to do it is few and far between. Of course there is a wealth of knowledge on the parent site on snippets of what you'd need to do to accomplish it: http://www.phpbb.com

    Another good CMS, which is starting to take off in popularity is GeekLog, and like PostNuke...it's still very young in development, so if you're looking for content packed modules, you won't find a TON there. There are quite a few though.

    The biggest security risk you're going to face with many of these systems is SQL injection vulnerabilities. One of the biggest reasons that people have their systems hacked is due also to folder permissions, and general fault of the webmaster to secure their site.

    I hope this helped.

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    Why don't you just make your own database driven website instead of grabbing a cms?
    All it takes is some good knowledge in a server side scripting language and some knowledge
    in SQL, it's really not that difficult.
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    If your using Linux, I think you would be doing pretty good trying out www.phpnuke.org , it has a decent look and design, also, it's got really nice performance. Even if you don't continue to use it, it should give you a good foundation to start from. What GreekGoddess was talking about , integrating phpbb with nuke has been done and there is a release available. Check out my site here, you can get an idea of what it will look like when it's finished.

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