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Thread: Dog rescued!

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    Dog rescued!

    Just watching WPN news NY They gave a report that while Tom Ridge the secretary of Homeland Security was addressing the nation (live) on terrorism his broadcast was interrupted by a news flash.

    It seems A Rot wilier Mix, apparently a stray, was rescued from a chunk of ice he was stranded on in an ice flow in new jerseys Passaic River.

    What does this mean?
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    well its good to see they prioritise and only report the most important information first
    [not saying that it is more important]

    people are probably sick of hearing of war and terrorism and in a campain for optimisim they decided to flick to a happy story of a dog being rescued

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    Re: Dog rescued!

    Originally posted here by Tedob1

    What does this mean?
    Apparently, a dog was rescued. . . (Sorry couldn't resist that)

    Jim Ryan's view is closer to true -go with whatever will generate the highest ratings.


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    yeah, I agree with Jim Ryan and dspeidel!

    I'd rather hear about a dog being rescued for a change than hearing bout war... I'm tired of seeing it 24/7. Its nice to hear a good story once and a while... not ones that just depress you.

    I think thats why I spend so much time at www.theonion.com

    great news, even if it is fabricated...
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    heh, with the propensity of the newscasters to cover a bad rainstorm, (thank god there isn't anything important going on, like a war in the works or something /sarcasm off) instead of the important news, it is a bit refreshing to hear that Tom Ridge's have a kite, fly a plane and be reformed speech( actually have a kit, have a plan, and be informed) was actually interupted by some important news.

    Im glad the dog was rescued...

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    Well sometimes you got to do what you got to do and saving the dog well, that was critical ! and who cares about Ridge making a speech: just one more. but the dog !! well it's ok he is alive .

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