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    Digging through GTMHH I read that Kevin Mitnick was a scriptkiddie and there are transcripts of him on IRC begging people to compile exploits. Is there any truth to this?

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    I had a "friend" who swore that he not only knew Kevin Mitnik from his old pre-prison days, but that he had also hacked his comp. He said that kevin was a script kiddie from what he had seen. I did not belive this guy for a few reasons:

    1. He was a script kidde
    2. He use to set his password to things like "1" so he obviously knew nothing about security
    3. He also bragged that he had hacked my grandparents computer (they did not have a comp at the time
    4. Kevin was still not allowed to use a computer

    So, my friend saying he was a script kidde, no way would i trust him. About him actualy being a script kiddie, I dont think so. From what i have heard he has been hacking on the side of law sence his release. He also knows alot about security for a script kiddie, and I have heard storys that are actually plauseable about him "true-hacking" computer back in the early days.

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    Nice one. Liked it.

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    After "CYBERPUNK: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier" was released, it was hard to know the difference from fact and fiction about Kevin.
    Then after reading Anarchy Online: Net Crime, I learned the only thing Cyberpunk got right about Kevin in the story was his weight problem.
    I still don't know much about him, other than what he says on interviews.
    Maby Anarchy Online is wrong too, the only was to know is to ask him.
    I agree with sumdumguy's idea.
    \"keep your friends close, your enemys closer, and your administrator closest.\"

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