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Thread: If you must steal, remember who you stole from

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    Smile If you must steal, remember who you stole from

    Found this article about a credit card fraudster had the tables turned on him by one of his victims.


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    I can't decide if she's really smart, or if he's just a complete moron.
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    she was slick in her methods, but he was a complete moron to put all of his information into that quiz.

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    Hehe, it also says the father is a computer engineer.. So surely he would have the common sense to have an up-to-date virus scan and firewall??... If he knows his profession well, I guess he should have noticed something was wrong by checking his logs. Or at least told his daughter not to accept files from strangers off the net.
    /me thinks Mr. Athi had better read into computer security.
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    Haha, there are so many morals to this story it's hard to know where to begin. But the cool thing to me is that a girl that young was slick enough to convince him to fill out a quiz w/ that much info, particularly as he should know better than anyone what having that much personal info online can mean. w0000t for geek girls

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