Hey every0ne,

> Iíve been reading up on a lot of the newer kernel patches for bsd/linux and was thinking;
What are the best patches and why? you can find so many patches, itís almost ridiculous? Anyway- itíd be nice if some of the more experienced Linux users could post their favorites?

I thought I'd start it with:
Stealth Kernel Patch

URL : http://packetstormsecurity.org/UNIX/...tealth.diff.gz
Author : Sean Trifero <sean[at]innu.org>
Comment : The Stealth Kernel Patch for Linux v2.2.22 makes the linux kernel
discard the packets that many OS detection tools use to query the
TCP/IP stack. Includes logging of the dropped query packets and
packets with bogus flags. Does a very good job of confusing nmap
and queso.