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Thread: Neat, new, easy, cool, MOD

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    Neat, new, easy, cool, MOD

    Hey all,

    While browsing the web I came across this new MOD that anybody can do and it looks pretty cool when you do it. All you really need are those panels that came with your case, a knife, and some sticky tape. This is a cool MOD for someone who is new to MOD's too. It was new to me and it only took me 20 minutes. Have fun with this one!

    Here are the complete steps that you can follow at the tech tv website...


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    Thanks for the tip man, that's a pretty cool mod. Going to go home and check it out and see if I can do it and it would look right.
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    I remember seeing a page about a slightly hard-to-do hard-drive window mod with a blue LED that looked really cool... sorry, but I seem to have lost the link.
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