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Thread: The best site of all

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    Post The best site of all

    The best site i ever seen :
    It is a complex site .. very i can say ..
    It is make`t in : html , flash and php it rules ~!~
    If you will have time look on that site ..
    Of course they are using high technology 1024 x 768 Resolution; Stereophonic sound, etc from 100 points i am giving up 101 !

    That is all


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    I have got to say that is one of the best sites (design wise) that I have seen in a long time. I am forwarding the address to my company's web personnel. Worth the look even just for the humor of "how we do it"

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    The intro page even phreaked me out, that is some seriously amazing and hardcore graphics. How did you come across something like that, just random? Very cool!
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    Very awesome...had to take a team a very long time for it. But very beautiful
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    wow..that is one impressive site....

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    Holy ****! This is really impressive, and I am not easily impressed. I wonder how in the world they did it.... just when I thought there was nothing left too see, then this comes. Thanks for the link, I am gonna send this to my boss...

    ...and tell him how futile my skills really are and have him hire them instead.


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    this site is nothing short of amazing, very,very cool.....theres really nothing here that i would buy or whatever but its stiil awsome just messin around with stuff.
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    Ahhhh, the true potential of Flash MX.. I'm glad someone has finally gotten it right

    Hopefully my web design site will look just as amazing when complete. I'll show everyone when its done.

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    Yes i was shure you will react like this It was not random choice . I know the site for a very long time from the begining , when it was something like StarTreck or something .. i am pleased to see you like`t that one .. The answer they have a lot of money a lot of skilled mens, supporters, etc . It is not finished yet but next month it will be, and the price for web design will be cheap for the begining after this .. i dont really know ... I will come with some more "hot" links but not as hot like this one ...
    Gore i haved a look on the links you have provided to me ----> < Newbie stuff > anyway i am waiting some answer from the whoswe and i will continue provide .inf about them.
    This is all for today

    Cya !
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