Hello everyone

I'm still new. I've been here for a month or so, and I've posted lots (sorry to those of you who have been offended with my appalling sense of humour, I'll try and curb it!)

Anyway, my main reason for being here is to learn a bit more about the technical side of security but also to pick up new ideas for research. My hobby is to take apparently intractable security problems and find solutions for them. Much of this is mindblowingly boring to all but the most hardcore techies, but I think is worthwhile because if we can solve some of the shared problems it frees up time to do more interesting things. To give you an example: I'm currently working on a model for objectively measuring the effectiveness of cryptosystems. I do publish my research in various publications and of course I'll share whatever I learn providing I don't think it'll cause a rash of red spots to appear next to my name. ; )

So here's the appeal: I need some more ammunition. I'd like to know exactly what it is that ticks you, or your users off about security. I'm not particularly looking for product specifics, but process or area specific. I won't be able to solve most of them, but I'd really like to get some idea of what you think the big problems are so I can engage my brain in something productive. As you can see from http://www.antionline.com/showthread...705#post602705 I am not exactly overly mentally stimulated at the moment.

Anyway I've gone on far too long, happy to receive responses via PM (save boring everyone).

Thanks for your time and attention