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Thread: Write Error!

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    Write Error!

    I have this problem in my PC. It shows this error message in a blue screen from time to time.
    "Disk Write Error
    Unable to write to disk in drive C:
    Data or files may be lost"
    Can anyone tell me what might be wrong? I think I know the problem but want to know more about it and what might be the solution.
    Thanks in advance.
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    hmm, could be anything from a bad hard drive to bad secotrs on the hard drive...
    try running "scandisk" it should find any problems...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I agree with tampabay420, also check in your bios settings your smartdefender. It can help to shut it of. Even when you have no troubles you must turn it of. It can cause several problems related to your harddisk(s)

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    If you are running windows (i suppose you are because of the message) I would advise you to turn off every option of energy saving regarding the disks (that's to say for e.i: in the option turn off hard disk (Display Properties/Screen Saver/Power) you should select never...
    Well in my case on both computers i worked on (which showed a similar problem), that made the trick; and as said above; disable any option of power saving in the bios realted to ypur hard-disks...
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