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Thread: where's everyone going?

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    where's everyone going?

    Hey everybody,

    I'm just curious when antionline.com shuts down where everyone will be going, or will it still be a message board...? What's happening..?

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    As far as I know, Antionline is staying, but is no longer 0wn3d or managed by JP (It has been sold to Jupiter Media, I think??)

    Never you fret....Long live AO!!

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    Personally, I'll be headed over to work mainly on NintendoGeneration.com, which I am now FTPing everything up to. Message boards are available there now. Check it out.

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    Yes, Antionline is not shutting down, it just has another owner and is the company soggy mentioned.
    And if it was to be shut down, I dont know, cuz this is a community and there is so many people involved, so...who knows.
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