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    XP denounced terroism tool

    i found this artical very interesting, i mean everyone knows of all the flaws xp has(even though Mr.Gates claimed it to be the most secure ever before its release date) but this artical just seemed to hit it home all the way......
    A computer forensics specialist warns that default security features in Windows-XP might bring civilization to its knees at the hands of pedophiles, tax cheats, and, of course, international terrorists


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    First, the article is from 17 October 2001. Second, this 'computer forensics specialist' is an idiot, and his claims have absolutely no merit. The Register article even goes on to explain why he's an idiot (in case it's not completely obvious). I fail to see how this article 'hit it home all the way' on XP's lack of security.

    He acknowledges that savvy terrorists can use third-party tools, such as Evidence Eraser by Mad Hornet, to stifle forensics work but says Windows XP makes it available by default to anyone buying XP Professional.
    This is pretty much what the issue hinges on - that dangerous types are not going to bother erasing sensitive data from their computers, if the feature isn't already available. This concern does not warrant statements about paedophiles and international terrorists bringing 'civilization to its knees' due to the release of Windows XP Pro.

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    Yeah, I read that sometime ago.

    To claim it as a terrorism tool is crazy... there are way more secure ways to get rid of data than trusting m$...

    Here is another article about it.

    I never realized that they actually implemented that... I'm off to read up more on it...

    All this time I've been using 3rd party utilities... prolly better that way.

    EDIT: I'm failing to find much info about it... more like it was something they were going to implement.. if anyone has any links, I'd appreciate it. The ones I'm finding are for third party applications.
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